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App Store Optimization Checklist Top 5 Points (2021)

App Store Optimization Checklist Top 5 Points (2021)

Are you looking for an app store optimization checklist? You are in the world of mobile apps & games. If you are an app owner and want to grow your business through a mobile app then you need to rank higher your app in the app store.

If you are totally a new app developer or an app owner who has no idea how to rank higher your app in the app store then the ultimate checklist is for you.

Before knowing all the checklist in detail firstly get some basic idea about what is app store optimization and why app store optimization is important for business?

What is app store optimization (ASO)?


What is app store optimization (ASO)?

It is a process of ranking mobile apps in app store search results by optimizing them is known as app store optimization. There is no doubt app store optimization is extensively used by every successful publisher to mobile app developer.

By using aso strategy you can not easily rank your mobile in the app store search result but also get more visibility and download. If you optimize your app and rank them, then there is a higher chance you get more business & getting new client opportunities through your mobile app.

By using app store optimization anyone can improve the ranking, impression, download rate, shares, ratings & review of their mobile app in the app store search ranking.

Why app store optimization is important?

App Store Optimization Checklist


1. More downloads:
If you really want to increase more downloads of your app, then ASO is a perfect option. By using ASO your really increase your download rate.

2. Get rank in your app category:

ASO not only helps you improve your search ranking in the app store but also gets your app rank higher in their category or sub-category.

3.Helps you get editor choice award:

If you really want to create an outstanding app that really loves by others, then ASO really plays an important role in how your app becomes an editor choice maybe look like.

4.Brand awareness:

By using the ASO strategy your business easily gets brand awareness and people start trusting your brand. ASO helps you how should be your apps look attractive & get noticed by your targeted users in the app store search.

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Why app store optimization is important?

1. App title: ( tell customers about your app):

Make sure always make the app title to the point & short that covers your brand and names and what is your mobile app is all about. Your app title plays a very important role in ranking in app store search results.

The maximum title length of the android or google app store is 50 characters & the maximum title length of the apple store is 30 characters.

2.Aplication keywords ( Whats users are searching for):

Make sure while writing the description of your app, under subtitle always cover the pinpoint of the user and what your users are searching for. If you help them to solve their problem, they surely use your app. Avoid keyword stuffing while writing a subtitle & description of your app.

3.Focus on audit & ratings ( Focus on what your user us talking about your app):

There is no doubt audit & rating really play a most important role in app store optimization. So if you are really serious to grow your app and improve your ranking on the app store result page then always focus on what feedback your users are given about your app and improve their problems. If you improve the on-page optimization of your app and focus on audit & review then you receive a 30% higher conversion rate.

4.Application description ( Explain everything about your application):

You never get better attention until you don’t tell the user what is your application is all about. So make sure while writing the description write your app USP and explain everything about your application.

If users have clear information, what is your app all about & how they get to benefit from them, then there is a better chance you get a good response?

5.Selection of the right category ( what is the best category for your application):

Section of the wrong category really impacts your ranking in the app store search. So always select the right category that fits right for your application insight. If you select the wrong category it really creates a bad user experience and your app ranking going down.

App Store Optimization Checklist (6)


Bottom Line:

Now you have a good idea about how you crack the app store optimization checklist and what is app store optimization, how app store optimization works, and why it is important for you. Now it’s time to implement the right strategy and rank your application and get a better ranking in-app store.

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