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What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising? (2021)

What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising

Are you know what is the difference between marketing and advertising?

There is no doubt every new business owner or a normal person have a misconception about marketing & advertising, they generally think that they are same terms or they are synonyms of each but this is not the reality there is a huge difference between marketing and advertising.

Before knowing what is the difference between marketing and advertising, firstly get some basic idea of how they work together and what is marketing and what is advertising, so it gives you a clear idea to differentiate between advertising and the marketing process.

What is marketing?

What is marketing?

In very simple terms marketing is a set of systematic research, planning, data mining, and right targeting, so you can sell your product & services to the right audience.

Marketing is a process that guides you in how you design your product, what is the unique selling proposition (USP), how to engage the potential buyers and turn them into final buyers.

There are four Ps which are the main component that decides the success or failure of any marketing strategy. They are product, price, place & promotion.

Always keep in mind while creating a marketing strategy focus on four Ps ( product, price, place & promotion), so you can create better marketing insights and better customer engagement from your competitor.

Market research, media planning, strategy making, direct marketing, eMarketing, public relations, etc are some main activities are performing under the whole marketing process.

What is advertising?

What is advertising?


In simple words advertising is all about a nonpersonal announcement of promoting your services & products by the paid medium.

Advertising is just one part of the whole marketing process but it also plays a very important role in every companies revenue and brand awareness.

Advertising helps us to make aright ads to target the right customer at the right time so companies sell their products & services and gain better ROI.

What is the difference between marketing and advertising?

What Is The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising (4)

1. Marketing is a whole process that is followed by every company whereas advertising is just simply a small part of marketing that helps in selling their product and services to customers.

2. Four Ps( product, price, place & promotion) play a major role in the whole marketing process whereas in advertising money or paid medium plays a crucial role.

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